7. Is a special number which means nothing, but you are very practical and do not like to talk a lot.
People who are born under the number 7 are like a precious stone which indicates that they are very close to God. People born on the 7th, 16th or 25th day of any month are like that and the planet that controls this number is named Ketu. It also represents the number that is located at the base of the spine, which is also very important, because it represents the position of the eye in our brain. It is thought that the eye which is the size of your third eye is connected to your being spiritual. People born under number seven are very analytical and are very pragmatic. If it is determined that your name falls under number 7, it is like getting a victory in a battle. It is as though you have won the battle. People born under the number 7 are very good healers and they do not need very much help from others. They are very quiet and prefer to be left to their own devices and work very well when they are left to their own devices and thoughts.

It is important that you understand that number 7 is a prime number which can be broken down into 3 basic characteristics: (creativity) and (practice). People with this number are serious and have good leadership qualities and are not very good at giving answers in discussions. They really appreciate the attention that they get.

Personality type: Numerological number 7: The Art of Being Alone.
You are unique and you do not like to spend a lot of time thinking about things. You just want things to be plain and simple. You are very uninterested in things that people talk about; you are as though you are ashamed. You prefer to be quite isolated most of the time, and some people even say that you are a loner. You enjoy being alone most of the time and you do not like to talk too much. You also do not like to share your feelings with others. Being overly concerned with many minor things causes you to lose your patience often. You tend to think too much and ponder over trivial matters.

You could be very passionate about fine arts, but some people find that to be rather dull. Sometimes you will find that you are facing a tricky situation because you are opposed to something that a majority of people find to be very attractive. People who belong to this group do not have any reservations about speaking out if they find something that is not what they are looking for. People might not think much about you, but you are very attractive. You have very good eyes and a well curved nose.

People think that you are very intelligent and congratulate you for having an ability to think well. You are very independent and this allows you to think creatively and think innovatively. By being imaginative and being bold, you can achieve huge success. But, luck alone will not bring you success, since that is not what happens very often. You will be respected for your dedicated work.

Numerological number 7 in Career.
Working in a foreign country sometimes tempts you very much because you prefer working for companies that allow you to work abroad. Travelling is an important part of what you do as you are very busy and you are able to take good decisions even in dire situations. You are very independent and like to be the one who commands people to do things as they ask them to do.

You give your full heart and soul to what you do. You cannot be the first to say that someone has done something similar to your work. Being innovative is what you do. If you are generous and generous, people around you will respect you and you will enjoy a life that is full of peace and harmony. Because luck rarely helps you, you do not easily become successful, but you are always trying to get people to respect your work.

People of this number often fail to get a job that they truly want to have and they live a very miserable life. It suits you very well to be a teacher or a philosopher, since you are very creative and like to be the centre of attention in everything that you do. You are perfect for becoming an actor because you are extremely adventurous and imaginative.

Numerological number 7 in love.
If you are like this number, you are very serious about your relationships. You do not take relationships very lightly and you always respect your partner very much. You rarely show how much you love someone, but people should respect you as long as you tell them what you love them. Because you are very sensual and serious about your feelings, there is a possibility that you will decide that you will not get a wife because you are extremely secretive.

You should realise that you may not be able to tell someone what you really feel when you are dating them because that may make them think that you are not as passionate about them as they are. It is important to be able to communicate with others and have their trust. You cannot be happy if you do not feel secure and at ease with other people and if you do not communicate effectively, you may not be able to have a happy relationship. Good numbers that are in your relationship are 3 and 5. If it is in your future plans to get married, you will be lucky on that front as you will have a family that is very rich and prospering and your parents will have a very important position in society.

Children do not suit you very well, as you do not like to be around other people or interact with them. But when it is your kids that matter, you will do anything for them. You are extremely shy and do not like talking to strangers. You do not have a big circle of friends, as most of your acquaintances are just two or three people. Because of the fact that your friends are really important to you, and you have very good relationships with them. You are very loyal to those who like to be able to think and reason. They are people who will help you when you are having difficulties in life.

You are able to overcome most of the difficulties that are associated with numerology numbers 7 (Love) as long as they are honest and sincere.
It is as though the planet Ketu is responsible for all kinds of negativity and energy that is influencing people around you. Ketu, like many other planets, is bad for people because it causes negative effects on people who are under its influence. Because Ketu is a very hard planet to overcome. People who are too impulsive and do not always make good decisions are prone to mindlessness and confusion that can cause them to not do what they want to do.

Your intelligence is beyond that of many people as you think very brilliantly and are always thinking smartly. When you are involved in a project, everyone is amazed at how brilliant you are because of your innovative ideas. You have excellent ideas that you come up with that are unique and you hate being bored easily. You are very interested in metaphysics and occult sciences.
Since you were very young, you have already started learning how to be sensitive and understand how your mind works. You strongly believe in God and always think about those matters very carefully. Being stuck in mediocrity is not something that you want to do, no matter how trivially a job might seem to you. You will not be happy until you have fully explored every aspect of it.
You believe that doing what is fair and fair is very significant to you. Your lifestyle is very important because being disciplined and doing things that are important leads you to having a purpose in life. You have a routine in your life that allows you to feel secure and it gives you some comfort.
There are times when people are comforted because of how you make others feel. You make them feel that they are very special and you make them feel good. You are able to listen to what people are thinking and you are able to help them feel better.
Being quite closed off and unable to express what you really feel makes it extremely hard for others to have a meaningful relationship with you. Because you are very closed-minded and you always keep yourself busy, people around you don’t know what you are thinking and that is the reason why there are misunderstandings. If you never open up a little bit, you may hurt someone that you love. Even if it is not your intention to do that, it may hurt them very badly.
You are very experienced and well informed and that is something that is greatly valued by those that you interact with. You are very experienced and highly skilled and it is very important to show that you are very knowledgeable. Try to be more objective and less judgmental and try to let others do their own things.
You are very annoying to others because you stay in your own bubble and rarely show any interest in others’ business. You will attract more people to be your friend if you are open and honest.
Colour and Gemstone for numerology number 7
Lucky numbers for 7 are all the more pale colours that you can find in a rainbow such as light blue, pale purple and light green.

Lucky number 7 people need to use a lucky gemstone that allows them to make money, influence others and gain good fortune.