2. Numerology stands for meaning, characteristics and everything that people are born with.
We all know that it is very likely that you are related to a number or that you are seeing a lot of numbers. Some people are drawn to seeing a particular number very often. They also like to look at the same number a lot. Some people are very frequently seeing the number 11:11. You might be seeing a lot of a certain number when you look at the time or just look around you. That makes you lucky to have the number 2 in your life. It is possible that the number that you keep seeing many times is actually your lucky number, which you will use throughout your life.

It is a scientific system of counting numbers, which has been around for thousands of years. So, your lucky number will be 1 or 2. Since numbers have some hidden characteristics, being born with that number will allow that person to have those characteristics. If you know the lucky number of any native, you will be able to know a lot about him or her. The number of times that you are able to get as many as 9 out of 10 people is called your luck number. How do you know what number is your lucky number as per numerology? There is a very easy way to find out what number is your lucky number and that is to simply add the number 1 to the number of the date.

You were born on 1 January 1970. To know your lucky number, you need to know your birth date. What you really need to do is to find your lucky number for a given date by adding all the digits of your birth date. By doing this, you will get the number 19. Similarly, if you add all the numbers in the birth date, you will get the number 2 as your lucky number. One more number that you will need to find out is 2; and again, the next thing you will need to do is to add some more numbers until you get a single-number number. Now, suppose that you were born on 1 January 1970. And if you have the lucky number 2, that is how you will behave. When we look at your birth date, you will get a number of 9. Now, if you multiply that number by 1, you will get 2 as your lucky number.

It is very likely that those who were born on 1st January 1970 will have the number 1 as a fortunate number. But, in this article, we will talk only concerning the number 2 as per astrology. If the number 2 is your lucky number, you have the characteristics that are given in this write-up. Lucky numbers can help you identify things that you like, your sense of humor, or you can help people you meet know you better. It is very easy to understand how to use astrology for fun and you can easily learn how to apply it to any situation. Hence, let’s find out what number 2 means in numerology.

Numerological number 2 is connected with being kind to others.
Those who have 2 as their lucky number as per numerology are very persistent. They possess a very calm and peaceful personality, which is liked by many people and thus proves to be reliable. It is very common for native-born people to bond well with others and become quite famous in a group. If you cannot say NO to people who ask you to do things for them, it may cause you to spend more money on things that will never benefit you. People sometimes try hard to get your attention to help them or try to force them to do something for them. You know what others need to do, but you sometimes need to hear what you need to say.

Being a native born having the lucky number 2 means that you will always be able to live well with others. If you are peaceful with others, you will enjoy a great bond with them. You will also be able to enjoy your love life to the full. Also, by being serene you will be able to appreciate music, poetry and aesthetics. Being an introvert and having the ability to keep yourself quiet is not a good trait to have; it damages your ability to network.

If you are born with number 2 as your luck number, you are very charming and have great manners. You prefer to have everything that is perfect, whether it is your home or your relationships in life. Even though you think that you are a good partner, some of your friends may not accept you as their partner. As we all know that being a 2 is very wrong, your partner will make you think that you are not important to them. You are quite sensitive and people will not like you if they babysit you.

Numerological Number 2: In Love.
If someone you date has 2 as their lucky number, you will have a good partner whom you can count on. There are many things that we all want to be treated like that – we want to be pampering ourselves. If you are a native-born with 2 as your lucky number, you know how to persevere and thus have a happy and healthy relationship. Being very happy and peaceful, you are not up for flings and only want to stay with someone you love for the rest of your life. Hence, based on the fact that 2 is the lucky number for you, if someone who is too modern and wants to be in a relationship with someone will attempt to dissuade them. If you want to date someone who is born with 2 as their lucky number, you must be patient and show that you are very old-fashioned.

You have great skills in being in relationships, but you find it very hard to find a partner who is like you. You have a list of qualities that you want to have before you can start dating anyone. If you cannot tell your partners what you are thinking, they may think that you are being unreasonable. You will thus cause them to feel resentful.

Those born with number 2 as their lucky number find a suitable partner in people who have numbers 8, 9 or 2. These numbers can help you to feel comfortable and enable you to give others the love and care that they deserve.

Numerological Number 2 in employment. When you think about it, you are very confident that you will be able to achieve success in your career.
You will be good at doing things that require you to have your own feelings, like designing magazines, newspapers, and doing commercials. Some people find that they are able to effectively communicate easily, and therefore, acting as a good spokesperson or a good friend may suit you. Because you are able to feel emotions in people, you are able to defuse situations that cause them to become uncomfortable; for example, you could be a good diplomat or a good teacher of children. You are confident and you can easily become a good lawyer or politician.

You will also be able to become a great artist in many areas of art, like writing, or even in the field of biology. If you are like most people, you are always thinking of doing something new and exciting in the workplace. You do not like doing the same job repeatedly. This may reduce the productivity of your workplace and may also severely affect your thinking abilities. There are several things that you can do to help yourself and one of these is to start something of your own. You can start something that you will be able to do as a full-fledged job or just a project that you enjoy doing.

Two Strong and One Weak Characteristics of Being a 2 in Numerology.
Number two is governed by the planet Moon and is therefore very benefic to people born with Cancer in their chart. Number 2 is very useful for people who are born with Cancer as their ascendancy sign. I will describe some of the positive and negative aspects of the number 2 in numerology.

People who were born with 2 as their lucky number have very sensitive personalities. They are able to feel deeply for others and communicate well with them. People born with number 2 as their lucky number are extremely sensitive. They are able to make friends easily and get along well with others.
People born with the number 2 as their lucky number are very organised.
Number 2 people like to constantly move and change things, and are not easily bored.
This is why they are the most beautiful people to date or live with.
Number 2 is very forgivable. It gives people the feeling that they are loved.
People who are born under this sign are extremely restful and are very troubled when things stagnate for too long.
People who are born with the number 2 in their birth chart are often very self-conscious.
They may be extremely sensitive and this will end up hurting their relationships with others.
You let things happen that cause your self-esteem to suffer badly; this is not healthy.
Colour associated with number 2 and its relation to the number 2 in numerology.
Colours that are lucky for numerology number 2 are green and white. They are very peaceful and like to relax when they are not feeling happy. It is very important that people who are born in the year of 2 stay away from the colours that are dark.

Number 2 also happens to be the number of the Moon and the Pearl. Wear the lucky stones on your ring finger to cause you to feel calm and to help you to become more successful.